Before You Go

Getting Ready

Based on our years of travelling in the vast Indian subcontinent, we have compiled information which a traveller will find most useful. Even though not intended as a complete list of everything you need to know, this will take you a long way in `Getting Ready'. After you've booked, we will mail you our PDF which you can easily down-load onto your computer and make a print-out for your reference.

The Right Attitude

When choosing to travel in India, remember that you will be in a country quite different from where you come from. For India, as most other developing countries, a right attitude is essential for you to appreciate culture in order to enjoy your holiday to the fullest. The ability to go with the flow will be called upon many a times. This ability will be the single most important thing, yes, even more than a map!

You may be faced with delayed trains and flights, facilities may be quite different than what you are used to back home and the attitude towards time may be far more relaxed. In all those cases, relax and remember that you are in another country to experience the very difference in culture!

Traveller's Palm strives for the highest standards, so be confident that coupled with a right attitude, you will get the best of your holiday experience.