What to Expect

Over the years we have travelled the length and breadth of the country to put together a hand-picked portfolio of exciting and unusual places to stay, in some of India's most beautiful locations.

Most of our favourite small hotels, guesthouses, retreats, eco-lodges, heritage hotels are moderately priced. No pretensions to grandeur but great value for money. Often these places are run by the owner, which gives you a more personal insight into the area. At the same time we also have some superior and luxury atmospheric hotels and palaces or resorts in stunning locations which are good for those who are willing to spend a bit more for that extra level of comfort.

Special Hotels

Indian food has a richly deserved reputation as one of the world's great cuisines. The cooking of the Subcontinent covers a wealth of different culinary styles, with lots of regional variations and specialities.

In the last decade, as a result of globalization, a lot of international cuisines got established in India, particularly in the big metros. Everything from Chinese to continental cuisine is nowadays available here.

Tea - known as Chai - is available everywhere, as is a wide range of soft drinks. Coffee is more common in South India. A local drink found on every menu is Lassi, this is yoghurt based and can be salted, sweetened or flavoured with a variety of fruits.

A variety of surprisingly good and strong local beers are available, all of a light, lager type. Local spirits are also available and nowadays you can also get quality wines made in India. Imported wines are available but can be expensive.

Eat & Drink

The best way to travel in India is by private car. This offers great comfort and flexibility as you can stop when and wherever you want to take a picture or to have a cup of 'chai'.

We will enable you to travel safely and securely to exciting corners of the Indian sub-continent. Our cars and drivers are carefully chosen for experience and reliability and you can confidently sit back and enjoy the scenery unfolding before you.

The driver may not always speak fluent English, but he will have a lot of experience in taking independent travellers like you on similar tours. Your driver is usually augmented by knowledgeable local guides, especially in the major cities.

 Private Car

India has the second largest rail network in the world, and the rail system, operated by the government-run Indian Railways, is efficient, if not always on schedule.

Travelling by train can add a fascinating new dimension to your experience. There is virtually no better way to make friends with the local people and see the spectacular and diverse Indian countryside.

Train travel is safe, cheap and (in AC classes) comfortable. On many routes the railways are the fastest and cheapest way to get around.

There are fast day trains which link important tourist places. They have an air-conditioned `chair-car' which has reclining seats (like an aircraft). Snacks and meals are often included in the ticket.

 Travel by Train

The best way to see India is by car or train and not at 30,000 ft above the ground. Yet sometimes one has to take a flight for reasons of time and distance.

In India, there are now a host of excellent private airlines in addition to the state domestic carrier Air India. Jet Airways, Vistara, Indigo and Go Air provide excellent service.

When you choose to fly, do remember to not to fly on two consecutive days as delays may occur. This will cause you to lose valuable time at the airports while leaving you very little to see the city, before you have to catch a flight to the next destination.

Whenever you book a flight we will arrange for you to be met on arrival in the destination. Just look out for our Representative carrying a paging board with your name, who will be awaiting you after you collect your baggage.

Fly in Comfort

In India delays and last-minute cancellations are not uncommon, especially in Northern India during mid-December to mid-January when fog can delay trains and flights.

Should this happen our local representative will discuss the best possible alternative available with you and will try to get you to your destination with the minimum of inconvenience.

We look forward to have you on one of our tours to ensure that you have an exceptional time with us. Come and join us therefore on a tailor-made tour in India to get an insider's peek into this larger than life country.


Getting Ready

Based on our years of travelling in the vast Indian subcontinent, we have compiled information which a traveller will find most useful. Even though not intended as a complete list of everything you need to know, this will take you a long way in `Getting Ready'. After you've booked, we will mail you our PDF which you can easily down-load onto your computer and make a print-out for your reference.

The Right Attitude

When choosing to travel in India, remember that you will be in a country quite different from where you come from. For India, as most other developing countries, a right attitude is essential for you to appreciate culture in order to enjoy your holiday to the fullest. The ability to go with the flow will be called upon many a times. This ability will be the single most important thing, yes, even more than a map!

You may be faced with delayed trains and flights, facilities may be quite different than what you are used to back home and the attitude towards time may be far more relaxed. In all those cases, relax and remember that you are in another country to experience the very difference in culture!

Traveller's Palm strives for the highest standards, so be confident that coupled with a right attitude, you will get the best of your holiday experience.

Before You Go