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Goa A Tropical Paradise

Goa is so beautiful that it is not surprising that the Portuguese stayed on for 450 years! They endowed the predominantly Hindu land with a Latin language and flavour that is still very alive and thriving, decades after the Portuguese heyday. One can drive through peaceful towns with their Portuguese style bungalows, stop at a small taverna for a drink of feni, or bask for hours on the pristine beaches.

4 Days

EUR 224

The Emerald Isles Havelock Island & Port Blair

The mere mention of the Andaman & Nicobar Islands conjures up images of primeval rainforests teeming with rare fauna and flora, deserted beaches and coral reefs and mangrove creeks. Virtually unexplored and unknown to the outside world, this idyllic tropical paradise has recently opened up to foreign visitors, offering a most exotic and relaxing holiday on its beautiful palm fringed beaches and turquoise blue waters.

8 Days

EUR 1,141