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Family travel has come a long way: no longer are mere swimming pools or beaches alone enough for the more active and curious children of today. The 'smart generation' wants adventure, exotic locales, wildlife and castles and mysterious forts, too.

India provides something for everyone including our young travellers. Based on three decades of exploring this vast country, which included many family holidays of our own, we can plan a fully custom-built trip for you and your children.

There are hills to be climbed, forests to be explored, and lovely tented camps under desert stars and fairy-tale palaces to dream in. No matter what the age and interests of your family members, we can advice you on connecting rooms, walking the line between enough activity and sufficient downtime and general safety to ensure you have the perfect family holiday.

Sample Trip Ideas

Our itineraries are designed to give you an idea of what is possible.

Of course they can be modified to suit your schedule, interests and budget.

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