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Are you an accomplished photographer or an enthusiastic amateur? We invite you to one of the most photographed countries, India. Colourful festivals, textured landscapes and always something unexpected around the corner.

We take the hassle out of the travel so that you can concentrate on that perfect shot at the precise minute when the light is simply perfect. High altitude Himalayan lakes or a lonely camel on a sand dune, we will take you there.

We have handled a number of photography tours on *** level photographers from ***. In fact, it is our photographer clients who've pushed us to go further and dig deeper to find places and festivals that are not just unusual and unknown but also translate into spectacular pictures.

Sample Trip Ideas

Our itineraries are designed to give you an idea of what is possible.

Of course they can be modified to suit your schedule, interests and budget.

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Rajasthan Safari
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Rajasthan SafariExperience Rajput hospitality

Traces of kingdoms and warriors stand as a testament to a feudal land of majestic palaces and proud people, where history lives on amongst its rocky outcrops and romance flourishes in the shade of the Taj Mahal. Forts, palaces, towns and villages rise obliquely against a backdrop of jungles and undulating dunes, and bright gaudy temples draw the faithful in a continuous parade of lively spirituality.