One of India's most colourful states

Grossly underrated and often completely overlooked by travellers, Gujarat is an ideal tourist destination offering a little bit of everything.

Fascinating archeological sites, Jain, Hindu and Islamic architecture, a wide variety of scenery, exquisite crafts, rare wildlife, and some beautiful beaches are among Gujarat's attractions.


In the crisscrossing lanes of Ahmedabad's Old City, hundred year old carved wooden doorways, colourful bird feeders, and a plethora of mosques represent some of the many different facets of this city.

A short drive from Ahmedabad is the Little Rann of Kutch, a salty marsh, which was at one time an area completely submerged under the Arabian Sea. Its unique eco-system is home to the gentle Asiatic Wild Ass as well as hundreds of migratory birds including flamingos. Accommodation in the nearby village of Dasada consists of traditional mud houses and stone cottages that reveal a glimpse of a truly tribal culture.

Further to the west is the Great Rann of Kutch. Bhuj is another major town in this area, known for created by master weavers who use centuries-old methods and designs to create masterpieces of embroidery and block printed fabrics.

Just north of Bhuj is the village of Hodka. You can stay here at the Sham-e-Sarhad Resort which was designed to provide employment to locals as well as to preserve and showcase local handicrafts, cuisine and music.

For true birders there cannot be a more rewarding place than the Great Rann of Kutch, with its varied landscapes of thorn jungles, grassy bets, and the golden sandstone beds of seasonal rivers. The Grey Hypocolius visits here as do other 350 species of birds. Simple accommodation is available at Moti Virani.

Driving down the coast you reach Mandvi. Smooth sand beaches stretch without interruption, and in the distance hand made wooden boats set their course for distant lands, just as they have for hundreds of years. Here, you can stay in luxury tented accommodation.

In the centre of the Saurashtra peninsula, you can experience the lifestyle of the Maharajas circa the 1800's by staying in the palaces of Wankaner and Gondal. The immense influence that the royalty had on the life of the common people here is still visible.

Just south of Gondal is the Sasangir National Park where you can on safari in search of the Asiatic Lion, one of the last refuges of this magnificent beast.

Finally, you can take the 3,500 steps up to the pilgrimage site of Palitana which is surely one of the world's most exquisite temple complexes. Accommodation options include two beautifully restored palaces, one in Palitana and one in the nearby Bhavnagar.

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Dungarpur Stay at the fabulous Udai Bilas Palace

Travel from Udaipur to Ahmedabad via the Udai Bilas Palace in Dungarpur, now converted into a heritage hotel. The palace is located on the shore of a peaceful lake, which attracts a large number of aquatic birds like pelicans and spoonbills. Guests of the Udai Bilas can also visit the 13th century Juna Mahal, situated on a hill above the village. It has excellent frescoes, miniatures, glass and

2 Days

EUR 237

Ahmedabad An architectural treasure house

Ahmedabad is the cultural capital of Gujarat and a major textile and crafts center of India. The city is also packed with a diversity of architectural styles, with over fifty mosques and tombs, as well as Hindu and Jain temples and grand step-wells which often display beautiful carvings. The old part of town has a maze of narrow winding alleys with carved wooden house fronts and thriving bazaa

3 Days

EUR 129

The Little Rann of Kutch Chasing the Indian wild ass

About two hours drive from Ahmedabad is the Little Rann of Kutch, a vast expanse of hard, dry mud in the north of Gujarat. You stay in a rustic camp arranged like a traditional village. Here you can go on a jeep safari through the vast expanse of the Rann to track the shy Indian Wild Ass. You also see here a variety of migratory birds, including flamingo breeding colonies.

3 Days

EUR 295

Textile Villages around Bhuj The woven path

Kutch has a rich variety of semi-nomadic pastoral communities whose life-styles have remained virtually unchanged for centuries. Their dress is colourful and ornate and the women are often laden with jewelry. Their unique and beautiful mud houses have walls decorated with interesting textured patterns.

4 Days

EUR 269

Sasangir & Palitana Lions & hilltop temples

Sasangir sanctuary is home of the last remaining Asiatic lions. Apart from the lions the sanctuary is also inhabited by bears, hyenas, foxes and a number of species of deer and antelope and the occasional tribal villager. You also visit the magnificent Jain hilltop temples at Palitana. You have to climb up to the top of Shatrunjaya hill but the reward is a superb view and the extraordinary sigh

5 Days

EUR 681

Wildlife of India In search of the Three Big Cats

India has an extremely rich and varied wildlife. On this remarkable wildlife tour you focus on the three big cats: you search for tigers in Ranthambore National Park, leopards in the remote areas of southern Rajasthan and Asiatic lions in the Gir National Park in Gujarat. Add to this, the Rann of Kutch, famous for the Indian Wild Ass, and you'll understand why this Indian wildlife tour is bound

16 Days

EUR 2,301