Himalayan vistas

Himachal Pradesh is India's most popular and easily accessible hill state. The snowy mountains and steep hillsides have ensured that the region has remained an idyllic place, little touched by the fast changing world around it.

Visit Himachal Pradesh for its spectacular vistas of snowy mountains, its Raj-era picturesque hill stations, its dignified Tibetan Buddhist temples and its wonderfully warm people.


The state capital Shimla, was also the British summer capital of India. It is therefore the epitome of all that the British would crave in the summer heat - refreshing temperatures, wooded hillsides, churches to visit on Sundays, and of course a warm hearth by which to sip a peg or two in the evenings.

North of Shimla, past homely stone cottages and apple orchards, is Manali. Manali's distinctive wooden temples, the colourful hats and vests of its villagers and its superb culinary offerings make it a much sought after destination. The town also has some lovely accommodation options built in the style of traditional Manali homes.

Travelling north from Manali, the roads climbs through the Rohtang Pass into Lahul and on to Leh. The journey is best done with a night halt at Jispa, a pleasant little hamlet, 21 km north of Keylong. This is an extraordinary journey on the second highest motorable road in the world, usually open only from early June to early October.

To the west of Manali lies Dharamsala. The little scoop in the Dhauladhar Mountains that is Dharamsala is the seat of the Dalai Lama in exile, as well as a place of refuge of many Tibetans. It is both a deeply religious place, as well as the vibrant and colourful home of a people that refuse to be crushed in spite of the hardships they bear.

The perfectly preserved stone and brick houses of Pragpur are just over two hours' drive from Dharamsala. This 16th century heritage village is set in the fruit and flower filled Kangra Valley. Pragpur also presents the opportunity to stay in a beautiful turn of the century country manor.

The tea estates of Palampur are close by. Palampur's misty hillsides and clear views of snow-capped mountains make it an ideal place for a quiet overnight stopover, staying in cottages on a tea estate or in the grander Taragarh Palace.

A breath taking drive heading north-west past terraced fields brings you to the unconsciously beautiful temples of Chamba. Chamba is also famous for its intricately embroidered roomals (handkerchiefs) and for its miniature paintings, both of which can be admired in the Bhuri Singh museum.

Built over eight hills, the once immensely popular hill station of Dalhousie is now a much quieter place with local fruit and vegetable markets and a couple of Romanesque churches. Ruby red rhododendrons fill the valleys their own in summer. A night in the Grand View Hotel, one of Dalhousie's best preserved wood and stone buildings adds greatly to the experience.

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The Leh Manali Highway Breathtaking views at every turn

The 2 day drive from Leh to Manali takes you through some of the highest passes in the world including the second highest motorable pass in the world - Tanglangla at 5328 metres. Running through a starkly beautiful lunar-like wilderness, inhabited only by nomadic shepherds, this journey will be one of the most unforgettable of your life. Be prepared for landslides and vehicular breakdowns; the

4 Days

EUR 425

Amritsar & Dharamsala Temples & monasteries

Combine a visit to the Golden Temple of Amritsar, the spiritual centre of the Sikh religion, with a journey to Dharamsala, the present home of the Dalai Lama, where you can savour the atmosphere of Tibetan Buddhism. The snowy mountains and steep hillsides of Dharamsala have ensured that the region has remained an idyllic place, little touched by the fast changing world around it.

5 Days

EUR 400

Shimla Faded touches of the Raj

Shimla was developed by the British in the 19th century as the summer capital of India. The town has continued to grow and now covers a much larger area, but at its heart remains the Mall, lined with colonial era buildings. It is a perfect place to stroll around to appreciate Shimla's past and to make excursions to the countryside around whilst enjoying the salubrious air and scenic views.

3 Days

EUR 220

Amritsar, Dharamsala & Rajasthan From desert cities to to alpine hills

You travel from the deserts of Rajasthan to the lush green valleys of the Punjab and Himachal Pradesh. You stay in the hill-station of Dharamsala, the present home of the Dalai Lama, where you can savour the atmosphere of Tibetan Buddhism. Your journey ends with a visit to the Golden Temple of Amritsar, the holiest shrine of the Sikh religion.

20 Days

EUR 1,756

Ladakh & Himachal Pradesh Contrasting landscapes

A spectacular flight across the Indian Himalayas takes you to the barren landscapes of Ladakh, where the stark contrast between these windswept hills and the rest of India is immediately apparent. In this remote area monasteries and ancient palaces have striking locations, perched on lofty hilltops. The people appear different too - Ladakhis are Tibetan in their religion and culture, making thi

16 Days

EUR 1,461