The French Connection

The Union Territory of Pondicherry comprises four coastal regions: Pondicherry and Karaikal, situated on the east coast of Tamil Nadu, Yanam in Andra Pradesh and Mahe on the west coast of Kerala. Pondicherry is the capital of this Union Territory.

Pondicherry has a unique ambience, unlike any place else in India. It is a blend of spiritual aura, French colonial heritage, Tamil culture, and the cosmopolitan flair of hosting many nationalities in a small but varied town.


The state of Pondicherry was a French colony for some 200 years and retains much evidence of this today. The Pondicherry Museum is a treasure trove of antiques with a section on French India which is housed in rooms decorated in typical French style.

More recently Pondicherry achieved fame as the home of the Sri Aurobindo Ashram, now largely a museum dedicated to the life of its founder, invariably known simply as "The Mother" who died in 1973. Her unique experiment in international living, the community of Auroville, continues to prosper nearby.

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The Temple Trail Mamallapuram, Thanjavur & Madurai

Tamil Nadu, in south India, is a fascinating state full of ancient Dravidian architecture. Intricately crafted temples, rock carvings, and classical dance are some of the attractions. Starting at the beach side retreat of Mamallapuram, you relax in the historic `French' town of Pondicherry before exploring the main temple cities of Thanjavur and Madurai.

6 Days

EUR 589

South Indian Highlights Tamil Nadu and Kerala

This leisurely journey through Tamil Nadu and Kerala encompasses all the highlights of South India. The beach side retreat of Mamallapuram is your initial base and from here you explore the historic `French' town of Pondicherry and the temple cities of Tamil Nadu. Next is the lush tropical land of Kerala with wildlife and palm-fringed backwaters and the harbour city of Cochin, with its diverse a

15 Days

EUR 1,694